Photography Pro Social Package

The Pro Social pack comes with 100 high quality photos fully edited and unedited to your liking. This is especially nice for people who want high quality photos but do not have the time or the gear to pull it off.


How it works:

You send us any size package of your products.

You can choose to let us keep these products or have them sent back.

Once we recieve your package we discuss your product photo stylings.

You let us know your preference on background, editing styles etc.

for example: wooden backgrounds, vintage, white background to name a few.


Once the photos are complete they are your property and

are delivered via wetransfer so no quality is lost.


* all photos are shot using one of the best cameras in the industry, 

the Canon 1DX Mark II *

all Videography and photo work is done by professional photographer

Brendan Halbohm

you can view his most recent work on Instagram @brendanhalbohm

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